Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Welcome Back!

Take a moment to enjoy some photos of the day. Your comments are most welcome and can be posted on the "Post-Reunion Comments" at the very end (after all the photos and the "Guest List" post) or anywhere else throughout the blog. So make sure you check out all the posts so you can see who was there (we got almost everyone) and read all the comments.

Jim and Sue Grubb

Hey Rex, shouldn't you be at the pre-Ewing reunion?

Rex and Reta Bowman

"Watch it, Grubb!"
Ron Waltz and Don Ford

Meet Mike and Megan

Except for the fact that we could not have pulled off this reunion without help from our current students (who stayed here instead of going home for fall break) these next few posts have nothing to do with our BSF alumni ...

Megan Bever is our current student president. She is a senior in History and a former member of our Housing Ministry. Megan gave greetings at the reunion and helped with set-up, clean-up and serving our brunch.

Mike Arvola is the one with pen stuck delicately through the end of his index finger. He is our immediate past-president and is a senior in MET. And he took charge of all things technical for the reunion. (Just don't ask him to run a film strip or find a spindle for our collection of 45's ... )

The Retro Table

A "45"? A slide projector? How do you load that thing with the wheels? And what kind of keyboard is that?

There is probably not even one soul on our "tech team" that could use yesterday's innovations ...

The Current Generation of The Found

Evan Bever (leaning), Marci Colglazier and Josh Wallace (Rt).

Evan and Marci are members of our Housing Ministry. Marci is also on our leadership team and she helped out as our "greeter" for the reunion.

Josh spends a great deal of his free time looking for things to fix at The Found and at the Co-op House, and he is rarely disappointed. Josh also supervised most of the set-up for the reunion.

Tracey Waltz and Evan Bever

A couple more who stayed over on fall break were Tracey Waltz and Evan Bever. Tracey (like Evan and Marci) are members of our Housing Ministry.

Evan stayed to help set up, serve and clean up after the reunion. Tracey also helped with set up and she was our official photographer. On Sundays she plays the flute and sings in our worship band.

Are there more Waltzes on the way to The Found?

Ron and Sharon Waltz

45 + years of The Found ...

Richard Juday, Shawn Zambrows, Howie Ness and Ken Ewing

That 70's Gang

Stu, Cathy, Ron, Sharon, Don, Kelvin, Cheryl, Darlene, Cindy, Oscar and Janet ...
Bruce and Louise Cummings

Willis and Linda Parker

Jean and Howie Ness with Kelvin and Cheryl Walker.

Dan and Marcia Davis

Richard Juday and Jan Braun
Dr. Larry Mason (ABC IN-KY Executive Minister) and Rev. Peg Nowling (BSF board president) chat while Rev. Ken (Jr.) mixes it up...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Darlene, Oscar and Janet ...

The Crowder Family: Scott, Joyce and Breanne.

Joyce is the Choir Director at FBC Columbus and she accompanied Breanne (a second year student and member of the BSF Housing Ministry) on her bell solo. Breanne played three full octaves all by herself. And she made it look easy. We expect her to perform again for us and add plate spinning to her bell routine ...

Bill and Julia Wallace,
Ken and Faye Ewing, and
Ron and Sharon Waltz with Larry Alexander ...

Ed and Nancy Pollock, Stu and Christy Sullivan, and Larry and Judy Alexander ...
... the group enjoys brunch. From the right, there is Judy Lydick, Ed and Nancy Pollock, and Jim and Sue Grubb. Bill and Julia Wallace have their backs to us ...
The "junior" Rev. Ken remembers more than we ever realized from "back in the day" ...
Rex Bowman, Reta Bowman, Larry Mason and Jean Ness ...

Oscar Quiroga and Stu Sullivan...

Richard Juday and Jan Braun look on as Dan Davis reminisces ...

Some of the guests at The Ewing Years Reunion...

Rev. Ken (Jr.) Ewing, Dr. Howie Ness and Dr. Shawn Zambrows outside The Found with their spouses ...


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Finally, it is once again safe to go in the kitchen ...

A lot can happen in 30 years. In 30 years Rev. Ken walked us through two wars, the nuclear age, the space race, three shocking assassinations, and the accompanying changes as we moved from black and white photos, to groundbreaking ceremonies, to purple kitchens...

... purple kitchens ...

... and then he retired.

Finally, the kitchen is safe once again, and there is still room for a few more at the Ewing Years Reunion on October 7. Email us your RSVP, or if you really, really know you can't be here, send us a greeting (to bfound@verizon.net) that we can print so you can say "hello" to everyone.

See you on Saturday!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Reunion Guest List

Here's a list of who made it ...

Larry and Judy Alexander
Rex and Reta Bowman
Jan Braun
Jon and Sue Buchanan
Darlene Colliver
Bruce and Louise Cummings
Dan and Marcia Davis
Norman and Audrey East
Ken and Faye Ewing
Donald and Cathy Ford
Jim and Sue Grubb
Cindy Kramer
Robert and Judy Lydick
Larry Mason
Howie and Jean Ness
Peg Nowling
Willis and Linda Parker
Edward and Nancy Pollack
Oscar and Janet Quiroga
Stu and Christy Sullivan
Bob Verplank
Kelvin and Cheryl Walker
Julia Wehner Wallace and William Wallace
Ron and Sharon Waltz and family

Last minute regrets from:
Barabara DeGrand
Vince and Marilyn Green
Dale and Marjorie Hess (Dale just hopped on a tractor that morning and forgot to get off...)
Kathy Wiley

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Post-Reunion Comments

Any comments or messages about the reunion? Post them here